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League of Nations (Rejection)

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Great Britain:  David Lloyd George  1,012,075
Goal: “make Germany pay!”

Italy: Vittorio Orlando  1,243,400

Goal: Austrian land claims

France: Georges Clemenceau   1,737,800
Goal: prevent future invasions

United States:  Woodrow Wilson  117,465
Goal: A Post war war peace






The Republicans in Congress had no real hope of defeating the Treaty of Versailles; they hoped to rather "Americanize" or "Republicanize" it so that the Republicans could claim political credit for the changes.


In an attempt to speed up the passing of the treaty in the Senate, President Wilson decided to go to the country in a speechmaking tour.  He would appeal over the heads of the Senate to the sovereign people.  The speeches in the Midwest did not go as well as in the Rocky Mountain region and on the Pacific Coast.


On his return to Washington, Wilson suffered a stroke and suffered from physical and nervous exhaustion.









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