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2019 APUSH  Final Projects






Option #1 Images that Define America (50 Points)   Due:  Friday, May 31st by 11:59 share via Google Drive

Since its invention, photography has provided a window into the events that have changed the course of our nation.  Images are seared into America’s collective memory and chronicled our nation’s progress and struggles during an era of rapid change.


Your task:  Choose an image that captures the American story and then provide a 150 word summary explaining your choice. Burst of Joy 1.pdf


Get started:  


The 50 Most Powerful Pictures In American History


Stunning Pulitzer Prize-winning photos: The real stories




PLEASE NOTE:  You are welcome to choose a painting that captures the progress and struggles during any era in American History.




Choose ONE of the following options based on your reading of LEGACY




Legacy (Digital copy of Novel)


Fair Use Law Section 7 Paragraph 3.163

Even if an out-of-print book is still protected by copyright, some uses of that book may be considered fair use. Fair use is a statutory exemption that allows for works to be used for criticism, scholarship and other reasons that promote the public good. For example, copying several chapters of an out-of-print book for a non-profit educational purpose would probably be considered fair use.



Forgotten Books: Legacy by James Michener


Legacy focuses on Lt. Col. Norman Starr of the U.S. Army, his wife, Nancy, and his West Point buddy-turned lawyer, Zach. It’s the weekend before Norman is set to testify before a Senate committee looking into the Iran-Contra affair. Norman’s clean on Iran but not on Central America. If he speaks the truth when asked about his activities helping the Contras, Norman will likely do himself some serious damage.



Video: 25 Years Later: Oliver North and The Iran-Contra Scandal





Option #2 Legacy - Reading Guide (100 Points) Due:  Sunday June 9th  by 11:59 share via Google Drive



Your Task: Generate THREE guided reading questions that can be answered after reading each of the NINE chapters. Please provide answers to the questions you develop. 


Get Started: Forgotten Books: Legacy by James Michener



Option #3 Legacy - The Final Chapters (100 Points) Due:  Sunday June 9th  by 11:59



Your task:  Write the final one of the final chapters for the Legacy novel we will be reading in class. The novel  wraps up the Starr family's story in the late 1980's. Your task is to develop a chapter around a new Starr family member anchored in  key events from American history between 1990 and 2017


Get started: Character Sketches for Legacy and Timeline 










Review Scraps 2014-2017



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