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APUSH Review 2016 (redirected from APUSH Review 2014)

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 The Ballston APUSH Review Wiki
"Destiny is not a matter or chance, it is a matter of choice"



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 Review Schedule
Times and Locations 

APUSH Thematic Review - Top 60

 Key Themes, Individuals 
Mr Wallace MC Analysis
Questions in your Review book
On the Record
Final Comments on the Test
Historical Time Period Breakdown
Colonial Period to The Great Society  
SUM 41
The Top 41 Terms and Concepts 
Potential Essay Questions :)
 Frequently Asked MC questions
Review Narative 2014
1492 to 1992
Mnemonic devices 
National exam preparation  

APUSH Review in 11 Minutes

  Fast and Furious




Migration, Movement, and Immigration    


AP THEME: Demographic Changes - The economic, social and political effects of immigration, internal migration, and migration networks. 



Migration  Movement   Immigration 1450 to 1650

 Migration Movement Immigration  1650 to 1890;  and  Migration Movement Immigration  1890 to 1920


Milestones in African American History 

AP THEMESlavery and Its Legacies in North America  Systems of slave labor and other forms of unfree labor (e.g. indentured servitude, contract labor) in Native American societies, the Atlantic world, and the American south and west.  The economics of slavery and its racial dimensions.  Patterns of resistance and the long-term economic, political and social effects of slavery 



 African American History 1619 to 1865


African American History 1865 to 1945



 African American History 1945 to Present


Milestones in  Native American and Women's History   

 AP THEMEReform  diverse movements focusing on a broad range of issues, including anti-slavery, education, labor, temperance, women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights, war, public health and government; American Diversity The diversity of the American people and the relationships among different groups.  The roles of race, class, ethnicity and gender in the history of the US.


Native American History 1763 to 1890 


Women's History 1607 to 1940

Women's History 1940 to Present   
Notable American Women (Reference list)



Waves of Reform 1700 to 1970   


First and Second Great Awakeining - Antebellum Reform 

The Populists and Progressives


Waves on Reform - New Deal


Reform Movements of the 20th Century chart


Presidents and Civil Rights Movement -Chart


Notable Black Leaders - Chart 



Congressional Highlights


The Legislative Branch - Key Congressional Actions



Judicial  Highlights


Notable Supreme Court Cases




Wars and Foreign Policy  (Video Review of Foreign Policy) 23 minutes  


Major US Wars - Chart


Presidential Doctrines (1823 -1968)


Major Treaties in US History (1794 -1954)



French and Indian War (1753 to 1763)

Events Leading up to the Revolution - Chart

The Revolutionary War (1776 to 1783)


The Mexican War (1846 to 1848)


Events leading up to the Civil War 1850-1859 The Civil War (1861-1865);

Reconstruction Plans- Chart


Wednesday May 8, 2014 (Review Book page )


Foreign Policy - Imperialism

Spanish American War (1898)


The Philippines 


China and the Panama Canal

The Great War (1914-1919)


Wartime Intolerance  (1798 to 2004)


Foreign Policy - Isolation vs Internationalism


The Myth of Isolation (1919 to 1939)


US between the Wars 1919 to 1939 


Mobilization World War I v World War II 


Foreign Policy - Containment


Origins of the Cold War 

Korea (1950-1953) 

Vietnam (1954-1973) - Vietnam and the Presidency - Chart


Overview or Policies, War, Doctrines and Treaties

Presidential Doctrines (1823 -1968)


Major Treaties in US History (1794 -1954)


US Foreign Policy 


Major US Wars - Chart 




2012 Score Percentage - Compare your Multiple Choice score with the National average

APUSH National Exam Score Calculator

This calculator is based on the new updated College Board grading formula which means guessing no longer hurts your overall score.


Multiple Choice 
80 Questions (worth 90 points) 
Scale of 1 to 9 
FR Essay #1 
Scale of 1 to 9 
FR Essay #1 
Scale of 1 to 9  
# correct x 1.125  score x 4.75 score x 2.75 score x2.75   



Composite Score                AP GRADE 
111 to 180
91 to 110
76 to 90
 57 to 75
  0 to 56




Keys Works of Literature, Art and Music 1776-1963  


Milestones in Native American History

Treaty of Greenville, 1795
Battle of Fallen Timbers
Acculturation process sunder Washington 
British occupation of Forts


Mad Anthony Wayne




The Executive Branch - Key Presidential Policies and Actions


The Legislative Branch - Key Congressional Actions


The Judicial Branch - Key Supreme Cases  

The Government and the Economy

Labor and Strikes 


Potpourri of Misc Essentials


Seven Speeches to Remember 











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