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The Interview

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 Ballston APUSH  Final Project   -  The Interview  


Your task for this option  is to interview a member of your family, a neighbor, or teacher who can provide a first person account of their experiences as they relate to a significant event or events in U.S. History. The following is a list of sample questions and historic events. Feel free to create your own questions, and to discover your own important dates. You might want to give an advance copy of these questions to your interviewee. Have her/him choose questions s/he would like to answer.  Ideally you and your interviewee would collaborate to select the most appropriate questions. Be certain to get the most basic information (e.g., full name, date of birth, etc.).


After you have completed the interview add pictures, links, or embedded youtube clips to supplement the information


  1. When and where were you born?
  2. Were there any fads during your youth that you remember vividly?
  3. Where did you attend grade school? high school?
  4. Do you have a college degree? If so what was your field of study?
  5. How did you decide on a career?
  6. If you served in the military, when and where did you serve and what were your duties?
  7. What would you consider the most important inventions made during your lifetime?
  8. How is the world now different from what it was like when you were a child?
  9. What US. President have you admired the most and why?
  10. Ask a question (or questions) about a particular historical event.  Based on your interviewees age, select events from the list below.
  11. Are there other important events (local, national, international) that have affected you?
  12. Was there a person that really changed the course of your life by something s/he did?
  13. Was the most stressful experience that you ever lived through? What helped you get through it?
  14. Have you ever met any famous people? Describe what happened.

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