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Presidential Doctrines

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Presidential Doctrines











Area of World

Western Hemisphere

Greece and Turkey

Middle East


Reason(s) for issuance

Feared Spain would try to recolonize Latin America


Feared Russian claims on west coast of U.S.

Part of containment strategy


Feared Soviet pressure in Greece and Turkey

Designed to block communism in oil rich Middle East


Feared Soviet moves in the region

Redefined U.S. containment policy, yet reassured allies that U.S. would not retreat to isolationism


Responded to U.S. experience in Vietnam


No new colonies in Western Hemisphere


Existing colonies left alone by U.S.


U.S. would stay out of European affairs


Discouraged the extension of monarchies into Americas

U.S. would provide economic aid to help nations resisting internal or external communist threat

Congress gave president power to provide economic and military aid to nations resisting communist aggression


Put Soviets on notice of America’s resolve

U.S. would maintain collective security and containment by economic and diplomatic means


U.S. would aid allies, but not with American troops

Example of Action

U.S. intervened in Venezuela


British boundary dispute in 1895


Sent $400 million to Greece, Turkey

Sent troops to Lebanon in 1958 to restore order and to support America’s ally

Gradual removal of U.S. troops from Vietnam (Vietnamization)


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