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CSI American History

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1.  Nothing Like it in the World  Voyages of Exploration (1400’s) vs. Building the Transcontinental RR (1865)


2. Evangelical Orators George Whitfield (1740’s) vs. Billy Sunday (1920’s)


3. Freedom of the Seas  The War of 1812 vs. World War I (1917) Austin W


4. March toward Freedom  Rogers Williams (1636) vs. Joseph Smith (1845) 


5. Turning Points   Saratoga (1774) vs. Antietam (1863)


6. Separation Anxiety?  Thomas Paine (Common Sense) vs. Ralph Waldo Emerson (Harvard Lecture) 


7. Conscription Complications  The Civil War vs. The Vietnam War  Jake Fox


8. Mobilization against Discrimination  Seneca Falls Convention (1848) vs. Niagara Movement (1905)


9. The Federal Government and Fiscal Fiascos  President Van Buren’s (1830s) vs.  FDR (1930s) Lexie D


10. You Go Girl!Women’s role in the Abolition movement (1840-1865) 

vs. Women’s role in the Civil Rights movement (1950 to 1965)


11. Massacre of the Innocents   Mystic (1636) vs. Fort Pillow (1863)


12. Industrial Utopias?   Lowell Factory (1840s) vs. Pullman Company Town (1890s)


13. Remember the Ladies?  Woman in the Nineteenth Century (1843) vs. The Feminine Mystique (1963) 


14. Oh What a Ditch!  Erie Canal (1820’s) vs. the Panama Canal (1900’s)  Meg A


15. Plains, Trains, and Automobiles  Transcontinental railroad (mid 1800’s) vs. Interstate Highway System (mid 1900’s) J.Blake


16. Challenges to Neutrality 1 George Washington (1796) vs FDR (1939-41) Tyler K


17. Challenges to Neutrality – 2 John Adams (1798) vs. Woodrow Wilson (1917) 


18. Loyal Virginians?  Robert E. Lee (1861)  vs. George H. Thomas (1861)


19. The Art of Propaganda  - Paul Revere and the Revolutionary War (1774) vs. Frederic Remington and the Spanish American War (1898)


20. Free Speech in Wartime   Clement Vallandigham (1865)  vs. Charles Shenck (1917)


21. Panic and Mass Hysteria - The Witch Hunt becomes a Moral Metaphor  -  Salem (1692)  vs. Hollywood ( 1947) 


22. Toughest Job you will ever love…  Freedman's Bureau (1860s) vs. Peace Corps (1960s) Andrew C


23. The Red Scare Redux  A.Mitchell Palmer (1920)  vs. J.Edgar Hoover (1950)  


24. The Adjudicators  Freedom’s Bureau (1865) vs. National War Labor Board (1918)


25. The Swing Around The Circle Andrew Johnson (1867) vs. Woodrow Wilson (1917)


26. Look Who's Coming To, The White House  Frederick Douglass vs. Booker T. Washington


27. In the White Man's Image  Carlisle Indian School vs. Tuskegee Institute Allanah M 


28. Protesters with a Pen I  Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) vs. A Century of Dishonor (1888)  RJ Elliot


29. Protesters with a Pen II  The Lost Generation (1920’s) vs. The Beatniks (1950’s) 


30. Articulate Advocates? Thomas Paine (Common Sense) vs. Alexander Hamilton (The Federalists Papers) Emma A+


31. Redistribution Solutions Henry George (1879) vs. Huey Long (1935)  


32.  Counter “couture”  Flappers (1920’s) vs. Hippies (1960s)  Riley Zink  

33. Standing up to Jim Crow  Homer Plessy (1890s) vs. Rosa Parks (1950s)  Emma B


34. A Picture is worth 1000 words Jacob Riis vs. Dorothea Lange Abby S


35. A Picture is worth 1000 words  II Mathew Brady  vs. Lewis Hine Taylor Flynn


36. Unsafe In Any Era?    Upton Sinclair   vs.  Ralph Nader 


37. Fighting Words?   The DeLome Letter vs. The Zimmerman Telegram  


38. Global Gun Show? Washington Naval Conference (1922)  vs. SALT I or II (1972) 


39. How the Other Half Lives  Indian reservations vs. ethnic ghettos  


40. Raking Muck  Ida Tarbell  (Oil Industry) v. Michael Moore (Auto Industry) Vivine C















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